For your eyes only

Headquarters has confirmed that our larger objective is secured, and very soon you won’t need to keep your true identity secret any longer. Agents from all over the globe are coming to gather at the high-security Guelph facility for debriefing, some well-deserved R & R, and one final mission. As you enter the facility, your identity will be verified and your final covert mission assigned. To complete your mission, you will need to arrive under cover and be prepared to draw on your advanced training in the Light Arts (listening, compassion, kindness, acknowledgement, celebration, generosity of spirit and affection).

We’re geared up to take you to another level of joy and playfulness, and expand your already huge heart a few more sizes. We have greatly enhanced our offering. With THREE amazing DJ’s, an afternoon workshop and two short learning games just prior to the music, you’ll get a groove on that will keep you toasty and warm until the daisies spring from the ground.

BYOB and snacks are most welcome. Virgin punch and a signature drink will be offered. Feel free to bring your open-hearted dance-starved friends. 

Financial contributions are not required, but they _are_ greatly appreciated. While our time and energy are offered as gifts, the events cost us money. Your contributions are critical to our ability to continue this project. The suggested contribution is $10. 

Lastly, as you may have noticed, Hearts Wild Open is SO MUCH MORE than a just party. If you’re not showing up at the beginning, you are DEFINITELY missing out. 



Aftenoon Event

12:30 – 4 pm – Cuddle Party*
(*You must register to attend)

Main Event

7:30 pm – Doors open!

8:00 pm – Advanced Hug Training

8:30 pm – Mirror Dance

9:00 pm - Rhythm Method

11:00 pm – Phantom Robot

1:00 am - Switchbass

Glasgow House - 49 Glasgow St. N., Guelph ON N1H 4V8